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Our Professionals Can Save Your Sacramento Hotel After A Fire

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Beautiful hotel room suite After a fire disrupts operations in your hotel, it helps to rely on professional mitigations and remediation experts.

Reliable Help When Your Sacramento Hotel Suffers Fire Damage

After a fire disrupts operations in your Sacramento lodgings and event center, it helps to rely on professional mitigations and remediation experts. The inclination of your managers and housekeeping crew might be to close for a short time to get things back to normal. Unfortunately, disappointed customers have other options, and the failure of your accommodations to honor reservations can cause the loss of business into the future. We can share strategies that can respond to the fire crisis while also permitting you to remain open for many of your operations.

Guest Negligence Can Cause Fire Risks
There is an endless number of ways human error results in fire damage in your Sacramento hotel. Your Sacramento hotel, unfortunately, can be the site for one of these accidents. If a guest falls asleep, cigarette in hand, or an iron used to smooth out an outfit is left on; a blaze can start. Smoke from a smoldering slow burn can spread to other rooms, and sprinkler systems, although necessary to quell the fire, can add to the mess by soaking everything.

Containment Strategies Can Minimize Effects
Because of the mandated and build-in safeguards, fires in your property can be knocked down quickly and limited in their direct effects. The problem with fire damage, however, is the tendency of smoke to drift far from the ignition site. The key to mitigating odor and residue migration is to have SERVPRO onsite as soon as possible. We use heavy plastic sheeting and negative pressure air scrubber technology to define the work area to the smallest space possible. Air scrubbers capture the airborne particles in HEPA filters and exhaust to the outdoors. The configuration also prevents further movement of the smoke and associated residues to other areas on your property so operations can continue.

Streamlined Approach and Comprehensive Results
SERVPRO is a full-service disaster recovery company. We can manage everything from fire-fighting water removal to air-quality remediation to efficient soot cleanup. Our production facility can clean, dry, and deodorize affected contents off-site, using a range of innovative resources and our dedicated Contents Processing Technicians (CPT). You can rely on our wide-ranging skills and hard-won certifications to clean up fire damage professionally while supporting the ongoing operation of the rest of your hotel.

Count on SERVPRO of North Sacramento to partner with you when fire damage threatens the overall operations of your business. We have research-proven strategies to share; set up your consultation by calling (916) 587-3438.

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We Discuss Tips for Performing Fire Cleanup in Your Sacramento Home

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fire line in front of a destroyed home Contact us anytime at (916) 587-3438 for prompt restoration of your property.

Tips for Performing Fire Cleanup in Your Sacramento Residence

Fire damage can cause several structural problems if you do not take care of it immediately. It can also make your home look unpleasant. Cleaning up after a fire is a complicated task. Apart from being emotionally challenging, it also presents some physical challenges and can be dangerous.

It can be daunting to get started with performing fire cleanup in your Sacramento residence. You may clean some parts of the house or contents on your own. However, remember that improper cleaning may cause permanent damage to your home. To ensure that your efforts are appropriate for restoring your home, you can do the following things:

    •    Air out your house to minimize the smoke scent.
    •    Clean laminated surfaces and porcelain, chrome, as well as aluminum fixtures to prevent permanent etching or tarnishing.
    •    Tape wet cheesecloth over the supply and return registers to capture loose soot that is in the air.
    •    If there is no electricity, remove foods from your refrigerator and let the doors remain open.
    •    Dispose of open food packages.
    •    Take clothes with substantial smoke residues and odor to a competent restoration dry cleaner.

It is necessary to use specific supplies and techniques to clean up your home safely and effectively. Our SERVPRO crew can help you in cleaning up your residence after any fire. One type of fire that affects homes is a protein fire. This happens when food on a stove or oven burns, leaving strong, burnt food odors and smoke on structures and contents of a house.

You may also be dealing with a complex fire. This occurs when natural and synthetic items in a home have burned, causing smoke residues to build upon surfaces. This fire also emits smoke odors. Our technicians can remove smoke residues from the affected surfaces to prevent corrosion.

We can pretest the surface to choose the ideal cleaning method. One method we can use to clean washable surfaces is abrasive cleaning. It involves agitating the surface we are cleaning. Our restorers use different strategies to abrade or agitate residues from a surface. For instance, we can apply cleaning products that contain abrasive ingredients onto the surface. Our SERVPRO team can also apply cleaning products with abrasive materials onto the surface. We can also use products like odor counteracting beads and sealants to deodorize your home.

If your North Natomas, South Natomas, or Sacramento Airport home has fire damage, SERVPRO of North Sacramento can help you in cleaning up the affected areas. Contact us anytime at (916) 587-3438 for prompt restoration of your property.

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Fast-Track Your Water Removal Process in Your Sacramento Apartment

10/19/2019 (Permalink)

 Overflowing bathroom sink Should your bathroom sink overflow give SERVPRO a call for water removal.

The Equipment That Aids In Professional Water Removal In Sacramento

Once the interior of your apartment in Sacramento gets wet from a plumbing failure, prompt action should be taken to reduce further damage as time goes on. A professional water removal company such as SERVPRO can help you fix your problems promptly as well as help reduce future issues that could take place. Restoring moisture-related matters can involve a few steps and industrially advanced equipment.

The first step to any water removal project in Sacramento our SERVPRO team takes is to extract any liquid H2O present. We know that it is much easier to remove moisture when it is still a liquid before it has had time to soak into your contents and building materials. Wet materials can also increase your indoor humidity levels, which can become a situation that also takes another step to mitigate. Restoration usually takes three main procedures, including extraction, air circulation, and dehumidification, all of which require the following different types of equipment.

  1. Extraction

Submersible Pumps- Trash pumps or sump pumps can be sufficient to suck up any deep, liquid puddles and put it into a sewage drain

Heavy-Duty Extraction- Truck-mounted extractors can be used to vacuum up water from your floors, carpet, and other fabric items.

  1. Air Circulation

Centrifugal Air Movers- These air movers can push far away from where they get placed, and they usually get set up so that the air coming from them flows in a counterclockwise direction and hits wet walls at a 45-degree angle.

Axial Air Movers- These tools can be used to push higher volumes of air at a lower pressure and can be useful when drying out large, open areas.

  1. Dehumidification

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers- Refrigerant units work by pulling moist air across chilled coils forcing the moisture to condense and get dispensed as a liquid.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers- Desiccant machines work by drawing damp air across a silica gel and then heating the gel to release the moisture. They then exhaust the hot, dry air out to be used in the air circulation created by the air movers.

Prompt structural drying is essential to the successful mitigation of moisture-related issues. When items get wet in your apartment in South Natomas, Sleep Train Area, River Gardens, or American River Parkway, it is wise to call SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO has What it Takes for Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Sacramento

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vans. trucks, and cars in parking lot Our vehicles are loaded with equipment and are ready to roll to your water damaged business. Call us today!

Why SERVPRO Should Be Your First Call for Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Sacramento

For Sacramento properties, commercial water removal requires more than the standard equipment the regular janitorial crew that cleans the building uses. SERVPRO's green service vans come stocked with industrial-grade portable pumps, extractor wands, specialized attachments, and professional drying equipment.

Extensive Service Fleet

SERVPRO has a fleet of service vehicles ready to roll on-site to assist in the cleanup for water damage within hours of the initial call. Along with their vans, trucks with mounted pumps for large-scale water removal are also available. The technicians bring everything they need on each job site, including generators for situations where electricity is not accessible to power the necessary extraction and drying equipment.

Extensive Training

The technicians undergo comprehensive instruction before they ever set foot onto a live worksite. The training facility has numerous scenarios set up for technicians to learn through hands-on experience the best methods for different types of water loss situations.

Fans vs. Air Movers

Commercial properties must undergo complete drying after a water loss to avoid foul odors or mold infestations in the building. Standard industrial fans do not provide the airpower to dry more than surfaces. The commercial centrifugal air movers used by SERVPRO blow high-velocity air streams and their compact design allows for focused airflow and the use of specialized attachments for specialty drying situations such as floormats or within wall cavities using Injecti-Dry systems.

Industrial Dehumidification Lessens Loss

The faster the ambient humidity lowers in a property, lessens the probability of secondary issues such as mold. Technicians use different types of professional dehumidifiers in tandem with air movers to lower the interior moisture levels and circulate progressively warmer drier air. This cycle dries properties quickly and inhibits mold spore germination. 

SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438 has the experience and expertise to perform commercial water removal for both small businesses to large-size corporations and make the water loss, "Like it never even happened."

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We're Here To Help With Your Water Damaged Sacramento Home

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

mold growing on ceiling after a leak Water damage can lead to possible mold growth.

Is Professional Water Removal Faster In Sacramento Homes?

It is easy to convince yourself that approaching standing water and the drying of your Sacramento home on your own is likely cheaper, faster, and less overwhelming. Many property owners hear professional restoration and only think of the incurred costs and less about the qualified technicians and cutting-edge equipment that becomes available with this option. The question that must get answered is, which approach is the most efficient for the customer?

Choosing between DIY and professional restoration often boils down to experience and equipment used for restoration tactics like water removal in Sacramento homes. The variable that can land on the side of the DIY enthusiast is that with residential extraction tools, such as a wet/dry vac, water removal can begin almost immediately upon the discovery of damage. While We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, our response still usually takes a few hours from your initial phone call.

As much as homeowners might be able to get the initial jump on starting property recovery, they can get limited by the equipment at their disposal. Our SERVPRO team, on the other hand, has a deep inventory of the industry’s best tools and machines. From our truck-mount pump truck in the Green Fleet to portable solutions like the extraction wands and submersible pumps, we have the right tool to suit the specific damage present on your property.

Discovery devices and moisture detection tools are other advantages to professional remediation and restoration services. Without these sophisticated items, homeowners could overlook the full drying of their properties. Not only can this leave the door open for detrimental effects like mold growth, but it can allow for a continual degradation of saturated materials which can ultimately lead to collapse and failure if severe enough.

Our team of professionals has accreditations through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in Water Restoration and Applied Structural Drying, making us a confident and knowledgeable choice for your loss. With our advanced equipment, we can provide a fast restoration of your property. Give our SERVPRO of North Sacramento team a call anytime that you need us at (916) 587-3438.

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Secrets of Rebuilding After flood Damage Hits Your Sacramento Home

9/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van in front of a home. We can help you through every worry you have in your Sacramento water damaged home.

SERVPRO has the down low on saving you after water damage hits your Sacramento home. 

Flooding necessitates rebuilding operations in affected homes for several reasons. If flood damage occurs because of severe weather such as a hurricane, various forces such as wind and fast-moving water can teardown different sections of the property necessitating rebuilding as part of the restoration. Exposure to water also leads to deterioration of materials this necessitating removal.

Proper rebuilding after flood damage in your Sacramento home is only possible if you identify all affected areas before starting the process primarily when water is the leading cause of deterioration. Leaving water in concealed areas can force you to redo the process or lead to extreme problems such as mold. Our SERVPRO technicians use a wide range of moisture detection tools to establish all wet areas. The common ones include:

  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Moisture sensors
  • Manometers
  • Moisture meters

The rebuilding process can pose risks such as injury to the people involved or further damage to the structure, especially when tearing down deteriorated materials. For example, it is possible to cut power cables or plumbing lines when opening up concealed areas such as walls and floors. Our SERVPRO technicians consult building plans to establish the position of utility lines. We also use different tools for different tasks, including rubber hammers, to minimize the chances of unintended damages and injuries.

When flooding only affects a section of the property, there is a need for containment to limit the spread of debris and even fumes from finishing products such as paint. If such materials are left to spread uncontrollably, the restoration process can take longer than expected. Our SERVPRO technicians use different containment approaches. We can place plastic sheets over air vents, doors, and windows when doing controlled demolition. We also have heavy-duty plastic bags to hold materials such as carpets removed from the structure.

Flooding incidents can leave a wide range of physical damages in your North Natomas, South Natomas or Sacramento Airport home. Call SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438 to help with the rebuild. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Offer 24/7 Service In Sacramento After A Water Damage Disaster

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

Our technician drying the carpets with our equipment in a home after water damage struck We responded quickly to avoid mold growth and prevent additional damage. We used our drying equipment to restore this home.

Water Removal Sacramento – Distraction Leads to Small Home Flood

Most water damage events in homes are due to leaking water connections, burst pipes, even overflowing bathtubs. One client had a different sort of problem. She was washing dishes with the water running and received a phone call which turned out to be a distressing call from a family member. She forgot the dishes with the running water until the phone call was completed and she discovered water all over the kitchen!

After turning the water off, she called SERVPRO in Sacramento to get help for water removal in her kitchen. At our suggestion, the client quickly began mopping up as much water as possible until our technicians arrived. She was very upset about the water and also the phone call she had received. Our technicians were able to assess the situation and quickly take control. We assured the client we would remove all of the water, and she could focus on her family situation.

While SERVPRO cannot help with family emergencies, we can help with water removal emergencies. After vacuuming up all of the water, we also checked for moisture under the cupboards and around the appliances. Water had seeped under the appliances and also the cupboards on the island. The appliances were removed, and the floors dried. No water penetrated the walls behind the baseboards.

The island needed additional attention. The contents of the cupboards were removed and dried using towels. The cupboards were also dried. We drilled holes into the base of the cupboards. A moisture meter was used to check for moisture underneath. Which indicated water had also penetrated this area. Mold is a concern in situations like this. We drilled larger holes and removed the excess water. Compressed air was blown into the area to enhance further drying.

At SERVPRO's suggestion, the client also turned on the air conditioning, which helps to remove further moisture and reduce the humidity in the home. The client appreciated our prompt response and thoroughness during a time when she was dealing with her family emergency.

Call SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438 for 24/7 service. We serve Sacramento, North Natomas, South Naromas, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We work on all sizes of water removal events!

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How Fire Smoke Damage Pre-Testing Helps with Sacramento Fire Remediation

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

Fireman climbing ladder to extinguish 2nd floor fire As soon as the fire truck leaves, we begin our restoration work.

Pre-testing Fire Smoke Damage for Tailored Restoration in your Sacramento Home

A fire produces all kinds of chemical reactions as well as fluctuating the temperature and air pressure in your home. Combusting materials release these chemicals in the form of hot, smoke, which is attracted to cooling air and surfaces. Depending on the type of material combusting, the smoke released can vary between wet and dry smoke. Wet smokes are thick, oily substances that can be odorous and are generally produced by synthetic materials like plastics. Dry smokes, on the other hand, are produced by natural materials like wood and leave behind a sooty, dusty layer of soiling on surfaces. 

Tackling these two-types of fire smoke damage in your Sacramento home can be tricky for a homeowner as cleaning products may be ineffective on certain types. Wet smoke, for example, requires an oil-based cleaning solution, whereas drier smokes can be tackled using vacuums or wet cleaning methods. To avoid choosing the wrong method, and risk spreading smoke deposits around, it is prudent to contact a professional restorer immediately after containment of the fire.

SERVPRO fire and smoke damage restoration technicians (FRST) are trained to recognize different types of soiling and stock a full inventory of chemical cleaning agents. By conducting pre-tests of materials and smoke deposits, our restorers can implement a solution tailored to the types of material burned as well as the requirements of each homeowner. We can use both oil-based chemical cleaning agents and water-based cleaning agents. 

Undertaking chemical action occurs after your SERVPRO technicians have thoroughly vacuumed to remove loose soiling from surfaces. When smokes contacts cool surfaces, the temperature, and air pressure cause them to bind to that surface. Chemical action helps to loosen that bind. If a pre-test reveals, soots are water-soluble a technician can apply water-based cleaners. However, oil-based deposits need dissolving in oil-based chemicals (solvents) before wiping away both oil and solvent. 

A fire can continue to cause damage long after extinguishment. Contact SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438 for all your fire damage restoration needs.

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Why SERVPRO is the Authority on Restoration Services here in Sacramento

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

Four SERVPRO vehicles sitting at a red light. Sacramento we will show you Why we are always here for your Sacramento issues.

Don’t go at your Sacramento damages alone, let us help.

The job of a restorer is to slow down or completely stop damages at the point of arrival, then work to reverse those damages until the property is returned to its pre-incident condition. At times, restoration services can be completed without the need for any replacement materials. In situations where problems with the structure or structural contents are evident, a good restorer identifies these issues accurately and arranges for third-party contractors on the homeowner's behalf. SERVPRO of North Sacramento sets high standards for restoration of fire, water, mold and storm damages by relying on a restore rather than replace approach.  


We make a point of explaining to customers that mold spores are a natural part of any home environment. Rather than instantly resorting to expensive, and time-consuming, laboratory testing, SERVPRO act quickly to repair the immediate mold damage in your Sacramento home while putting in place safeguards to put an end to recurring microbial growth incidents. So when you come across mold growth in your home, contact SERVPRO for an expert assessment and remediation procedure from start to finish. 

The common causes of mold problems in a home are the presence of residual moisture in cavities behind walls, fittings, or flooring. Water can come from a variety of sources like slow leaks, heavy rainfall, or worn away sealant in wet rooms. When mold spores come into contact with these damp spots, they settle quickly and begin to propagate, causing unpleasant odors and visible colonies. Often, the visible signs of mold infestation are just the tip of the iceberg, which is why SERVPRO restoration service technicians may need to move items around or remove sections of drywall to gain the full picture.  

Mold remediation can span hours, days, or weeks in your Sacramento property. During that time, SERVPRO may need to establish quarantines near the affected area. Since mold can germinate overnight, we work hard to shut off the water supply to the infestation. That can be achieved through advanced structural cavity drying equipment or by controlling humidity at a level that discourages microbial growth using dehumidifiers. Porous materials are frequently non-salvageable in an infestation like this but, once the mold is successfully remediated in your Sacramento home, we can replace them to return your home to its preloss condition.  


Understanding the behavior of smoke during a fire is crucial to performing an on-time restoration service of fire damage in your Sacramento home. Hot smokes are attracted to cooler surfaces. When they come into contact with those cool surfaces, soot deposits appear causing odor and soiling. During a fire, the temperature of the room rises significantly resulting in smoke pushing into cupboards, cabinets, or drawers. This process means that the bulk of smoke damages are frequently located inside pieces of furniture rather than in the room itself. 

SERVPRO restoration services train our technicians to return the interior of furniture to a preloss condition. One of the challenges in restoring rather than replacing furniture is that interior cavities are unfinished. In high-pressure fires, unfinished natural materials are particularly vulnerable and can absorb large amounts of soots or smokes. In inspecting the interior of furniture, SERVPRO technicians can test for the type of soot they are dealing with, as well as how well the surface can cope with cleaning agents.  

When working with wood and natural materials, SERVPRO technicians take extra care to preserve their natural condition. In many situations, a wooden structure can be adequately restored using a combination of light sandblasting with a cleaning solution to clear away soiling. In situations where outer finish sustains smoke damage, we can refinish the furniture to its preloss condition at the end of service. 


A water loss recovery incident usually involves large quantities of water in an area of the home that is not designed to withstand it. Small gaps in construction between walls and flooring can allow large quantities of water to migrate into the cavities of your home, presenting an immediate mold and odor issue. Dealing with water damage for Sacramento homeowners is a specialty restoration service that requires professional care and attention to complete effectively. 

SERVPRO has technicians with qualifications in applied structural drying (ASD.) These qualifications provide a restorer with the tools needed to access cavities in the home and remove residual moisture that may be residing inside. The primary means of drying restricted access areas is by creating air circulation inside the cavity to allow natural evaporation of the offending moisture. Our equipment incorporates heating elements to speed up the evaporation process further and get your home back to its pre-incident condition.  

There is some minor deconstruction required to efficiently drywall cavities, which is why Sacramento homeowners should seek professional restoration services. We must remove the baseboard of the wall so that we can drill small holes into the wall without affecting the aesthetic appearance of your home. From there we can attach injectidry equipment or use rapid air-movers fitted with a flex hose to dry the interior cavity thoroughly. Once drying is complete, we can replace the baseboard safe in the knowledge that your property is safeguarded from secondary issues like microbial growth. 


Road overflows can result in backed-up sewage water entering your property. Emergency restoration for storm damage in Orlando is available twenty-four hours a day via our call-line. Since contamination in water poses a real risk to your health, we advise that you immediately contact SERVPRO on discovering blackwater in your Sacramento home. Our technicians are equipped with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to enter the affected area without risking infection from harmful pathogens. 

Containment of the affected area is essential to gaining the upper hand in a flood situation. SERVPRO technicians can remove or block furniture to remove it from standing water quickly. Using submersible pumps, we can transport much of the contaminated water supply to an open sewer point. However, any porous materials that have come into contact with black water must be discarded and replaced to avoid cross-contamination.  

Our restoration service encompasses the demolition of drywall. We remove the affected material at up to two feet above the standing water level to ensure any pathogens that may have been absorbed by the material are entirely removed. SERVPRO technicians can then thoroughly disinfect the affected area of your Sacramento home before deodorizing and then replacing the removed drywall with new material to bring your home back to what it was before flood water exposure.  

SERVPRO of North Sacramento is an authority on restoration services for your property after storm, fire, water or mold damages. Contact us today at (916) 587-3438 to arrange a visit from our expert technicians.

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Sacramento Property Owners Benefit from SERVPRO's Off-Site Contents Cleaning and Storage

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Don't Get Boxed in with Cleaning Your Fire Damaged Possessions in Sacramento--Call SERVPRO for Restoration and Off-Site Contents Cleaning

Content Management Solutions for Fire-Damaged Sacramento Homes

Most homeowners throughout the Sacramento area can agree that while they have invested considerable time and money into their homes, they value several of the possessions inside with higher regard and importance. Photos, artwork, and other unique items that cannot get duplicated are treasured belongings. When disasters like fires occur, it can be challenging to protect these items as you might like, and many consider them lost to the compounding effects overtaking the property.

One of the advantages of choosing professional restoration services for fire damage in Sacramento homes is the entire division of content management technicians that our SERVPRO team can provide in these crises. We have highly trained experts capable of assessing the status of multiple items, furniture, and belongings to determine which need temporary relocation and which items can benefit from focused cleaning and restoration efforts in our nearby facility. It is our mission to provide your possessions with the very best care and consideration throughout every phase of the recovery process.
Taking your belongings off-site can be a stress to many homeowners. We help to ease your mind by answering your questions and concerns, and through thorough cataloging of your entire inventory of items to show you detailed accounts of where every individual item is at any time, whether it is getting work performed or it is stored safely in our climate-controlled warehouse. Our CCIS Contents Claim Inventory Service documents and is a useful tool for dealing with your insurance adjuster.
While in our possession, our content management professionals can utilize cutting-edge equipment like ozone chambers for large scale deodorization projects and ultrasonic tanks for unparalleled cleaning of soot and smoke-damaged items. Once the restoration work completes in the house, our SERVPRO team can carefully return these removed items to their original positions “Like it never even happened.”
While structural concerns are often a priority for our customers for understandable reasons, the same sense of urgency must get placed on restoring and protecting damaged belongings within the property as well. Our SERVPRO of North Sacramento team can help however you need by calling (916) 587-3438. We have a full roster of qualified restoration specialists that can help you through every phase of fire loss recovery.