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Our Experts Meet Standards To Provide Excellence In Restoring Your Sacramento Home

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Experts Meet Standards To Provide Excellence In Restoring Your Sacramento Home Do it right the first time and call our experts to help you restore your home after fire damage.

Experienced Restoration for Your Fire-Damaged Sacramento Home

When disasters impact your Sacramento property, not just anyone can fix it to the high standards that you can expect from professional restoration. While our franchise strives to offer each customer that we serve an experience that goes above and beyond their expectations, not every restoration company in our service area can provide that for you. There are important elements that set our team apart regarding fire restoration and recovery, and it begins by providing our clients with experienced and professional technicians.

Something that no Sacramento homeowner should tolerate is excessive waiting periods or unprofessional work when their home becomes a victim of fire damage. You want to protect the home that you have invested your time and money into, and this begins with effective mitigation from a team of technicians with the expertise and equipment to do the job as efficiently as possible. From the moment that you call our SERVPRO franchise, you have a team of certified technicians preparing to roll out to your address quickly.

Each of our technicians that come out for fire restoration work has undergone extensive training to obtain their Fire and Smoke Restoration certification through the IICRC. This organization sets the standard for high-quality restoration work to get performed on residential properties, but this is only the beginning to the educational opportunities and ongoing in-house training regiments that exist to make our technicians elite in the field.

This training extends beyond our ability to manage the damaged elements of your property and begin restoration practices. Our SERVPRO technicians can also keep an open line of communication with our customers and their insurance companies to meet the needs of the other parties while we return your home to preloss condition.

Fire damage in your home can prove challenging to overcome without the right assistance arriving quickly to protect the structure and items that mean the most to you. Give our SERVPRO of North Sacramento rapid response team a call anytime that you need us at (916) 587-3438.

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SERVPRO Controls Mold Damage In Sacramento Homes

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO Controls Mold Damage In Sacramento Homes Mold needs immediate attention and our experts can be on the scene right away.

How Mold Affects Your Sacramento Home

While there might be natural disasters and other emergencies that can affect your Sacramento home in a moment, some other disasters take several days to develop. Area homeowners often overlook instances like mold growth as less severe than other situations, or merely that the condition can resolve itself without immediate and preventative actions.  It is important to understand the effect that mold can have on the property and those living in it to fully appreciate your need for professional remediation.

Several situations can lead to mold damage in your Sacramento residence, but often this can stem from flooding or water damage that had not gotten cleaned and dried to the acceptable levels. With moist and damp areas of your home, naturally occurring mold spores can land on organic materials like drywall and other components for the contents of your home to seat, spread, and thrive.

Our SERVPRO professionals often find mold damage situations that have gotten out of control, which ultimately requires material removal to successfully remove the active colonization and return the property to its original condition. A mold colony feeds on organic material it uses to host the colony, and as it spreads deeper into the material or farther out from the original point of growth, these materials become weaker and weaker to the point of structural failure or severe degradation.

You can also consider the potential health effects that can come from allowing a mold colony to spread throughout your property. Many varieties of mold create volatile organic compounds which can affect humans and pets adversely. Having our SERVPRO remediation specialists remove the colonies right away is the best method of limiting your exposure.

Understanding the risks of allowing mold growth to continue unabated in your home can help you to appreciate your need for trained and thorough professionals like ours. You can count on our SERVPRO of North Sacramento remediation specialists to arrive quickly. Give us a call anytime at (916) 587-3438.

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Some Warning Signs of Water Damage in Sacramento

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Some Warning Signs of Water Damage in Sacramento When plumbing issues affect your home, its great to know that our certified team is only a phone call away. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Common Types of Water Damage in Sacramento Homes

Water damage is one of the most common types of property damage a homeowner will face and it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent any secondary damage. Our SERVPRO team will use their tools and expert knowledge to evaluate the source of the water, remove the moisture from your home and possessions and clean up the home so you can get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Common types of water damage in Sacramento that we see in homes include plumbing failures in the home, appliances or hot water heaters leaking, concrete slab cracks allowing water to enter the home and flooding from excess rains just to name a few of the circumstances SERVPRO technicians deal with on a daily basis.

Once you contact our SERVPRO team, we will access if there is standing water that requires removing, if possessions or furnishings are or have the potential to be affected by the water. For example, water travels rapidly through carpet and padding and rooms unaffected at first by water, can become drenched from the water soaking through the carpeting. Our team can eliminate this situation and choose the best drying method to remove moisture and mitigate the chances of harmful mold developing. We don't have a one-size-fits-all for our clean-up efforts and each case is handled to meet the individual needs of the consumer for the best outcome possible.

Our drying methods include everything from the use of manually mopping the area to the utilization of industrial-sized, truck-mounted extractors to remove large amounts of water in the most time-efficient way possible. We employ both open and closed systems to remove the moisture from the air and dry the affected areas in the most expedient manner.

SERVPRO of North Sacramento can restore your home to its preloss condition. We are available 24/7 for a fast response by calling (916) 587-3438, we are ready to assist you.
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SERVPRO Wants To Put Your Flames Of Worry Out Today In Sacramento

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Wants To Put Your Flames Of Worry Out Today In Sacramento SERVPRO will safely help you handle fire damage.

Damage Assessment and Debris Removal for Sacramento Homes

Fires can become dangerous situations for Sacramento homeowners once the first responders have left the premises. While it might be tempting to forego the cost of professional restoration and work to clean up and assess the damage to your property on your own, this is never a wise choice. Many homeowners lack the experience and training to navigate a fire-damaged property safely and can be unaware of the hazards and risks. 

Damage assessment and debris removal are the first steps to overcoming fire damage in your Sacramento home. Our SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly upon your call to begin our intricate inspection of the property to determine the farthest reaches of the effects from the blaze and the best approach to overcome the situation. 

Our SERVPRO technicians on site have to accurately assess the damages to the property to determine the right personnel, equipment, and approaches to restore the property entirely. This inspection also allows for accurate estimations and documentation of the fire damage for the insurance provider that covers your home. We are familiar with what these providers require to approve a property damage claim for the house following a fire, and we work to comprise the necessary evidence quickly to get your claim secured. 

Debris can present multiple hazards and threats to your property and those inside of it. Our professionals have extensive training in protection equipment to avoid hazardous effects from debris cleanup and to avoid inhalation of airborne particulates, smoke residue, and other potential contaminants. Cleanup of the debris can be the removal of materials from the affected areas, the cleaning of surfaces, and directly improving air quality within the house. 

While there are several steps to restoring a home entirely following a widespread structure fire, knowing the best team to choose from the start can make the process seamless, cost-effective, and high-quality. Give our SERVPRO of North Sacramento rapid response team a call to begin a thorough damage assessment and estimation process that precedes our reputable restoration tactics. Give us a call anytime that disaster strikes at (916) 587-3438. 

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Sacramento, Fire Loss Recovery, and Help from SERVPRO

12/24/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Sacramento, Fire Loss Recovery, and Help from SERVPRO SERVPRO Works Hard to Help Sacramento Home Owners After Large Fire Damaging Events

Fire Debris Cleanup and Removal in and Around Sacramento

The wildfires this year around Sacramento have been some of the most destructive in decades. In the most recent disaster, one town burned almost completely in the fire that engulfed it. Removing the damage and restoring the area is going to take time and professional restoration service teams.
SERVPRO cleanup crews from Sacramento work to dispose of the fire debris from these major disasters while also preserving a safe work environment. With so much burned material in a relatively small area, the content level of airborne particles is far higher than in a more common house fire. For basic safety, team members begin efforts wearing breathing masks and other protective gear if needed.
With such an incredible amount of debris, there are dozens, even hundreds of different types of residues present as well. In this environment, the few items not physically damaged by the heat and flames are not restorable due to the smoke and soot. While removing these personal or structural property items, restoration technicians wear protective gloves at the bare minimum to protect their skin against particulates as fine as insulation, chemical residue burns, and other hazards.
SERVPRO teams dispose of everything according to the strict guidelines set up by the California and Federal EPA agencies. Many charred items goe into dumpsters for removal and proper disposal procedures. The residents and their environment already suffered a major blow, adding to the problem by polluting the air, soil and water table is not something we do or condone. Our teams understand that while these actions take time and additional cost, they are the only way to safely restore the area so that residents can return to rebuild their homes and businesses on safe ground.
At SERVPRO of North Sacramento, our goal is to return homes and property safely back to their owners. That can mean pulling down and removing a burned out kitchen, or complete removal of all structural and personal property so the owner can rebuild on a clean and safe foundation. If you have suffered from the recent Camp Fire or another disaster, call our office at (916) 587-3438 to schedule an inspection or to have one of our teams help you get started on the road to recovery.

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Sacramento House Has a Mold Problem? SERVPRO Is the Solution!

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Sacramento House Has a Mold Problem? SERVPRO Is the Solution! Not All Mold Growth Is Visible in Sacramento Homes--Call SERVPRO for a Full Remediation

The Purpose of Professional Mold Remediation for Sacramento Homes

You might think that removing fungal growth is the sole purpose of remediation services for your Sacramento home, but this is not the case. Mold remediation treatments from our professionals extend far beyond removing the organism from your property and helps to provide lasting solutions to help prevent this situation from occurring again in the future.

Once the mold has gotten discovered in your Sacramento property, many homeowners understand the importance of removing it entirely to prevent damage to their structural elements and lower potential health risks to people and pets sharing the space. Our IICRC certified SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly with the tools and expertise to remove this active colony from your property. This process begins with a thorough assessment of both the spread of the organism throughout your home and the source of the moisture that allowed these conditions to occur.

When our SERVPRO professionals have a better idea about the farthest reaches of the damage, we can set up our air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to begin purifying the air and trapping active mold spores from seating in new areas of the property while the removal gets underway. These machines are critical during any demolition to also catch debris and dust present in the environment that could pose further health risks to occupants of the property or our technicians. Not to mention, working neatly and keeping your home free of floating debris.

Lasting solutions are an essential part of our remediation process. As much as we are a business, we strive to provide our customers with service that exceeds their expectations. This promise includes helping our clients to find out how the mold growth initially occurred and provide effective strategies to prevent this same moisture and dampness situation moving forward by drying out the area thoroughly or through the suggested use of equipment like dehumidifiers or sump pumps.

As a professional remediation team, we strive to do more for our customers than merely removing the mold from their properties. Give our SERVPRO of North Sacramento team a call anytime you find mold growth in your home at (916) 587-3438.

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SERVPRO's Speed to Emergency Water Removal Fits the Ticket in Sacramento

12/11/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO's Speed to Emergency Water Removal Fits the Ticket in Sacramento Sacramento and California Depend on SERVPRO for Water Removal from Sport's Venues

Water Removal for a Sacramento Arena

Sacramento has multiple sports and entertainment venues designed to not only attract unique visitors to the area but also provide revenue for the city with top acts and sporting events. Much like any other commercial structure, however, this building is not disaster-proof and can get affected by disasters like water loss incidents that spread quickly throughout areas of the facility and require immediate attention. Even with a staff of custodians or maintenance workers, you need a fast response to work to prevent having to close off portions of the facility or cancel upcoming events.

Our SERVPRO team can help your arena overcome its damage, if it should ever occur, by offering in Sacramento prompt water removal and drying services. With our leading equipment, we can quickly extract the water from the affected areas of the building and get to work immediately on our thorough drying techniques. We understand the timeline that we have and work to exceed your expectations in providing a fast and effective response in the face of emergencies to limit the impact of this situation on the potential revenue for the venue.

We have specialized equipment that can penetrate materials that could have become exposed to the pooling water to effectively dry these surfaces and prevent secondary effects like mold and mildew growth. Our SERVPRO technicians have drying mats that can draw out the saturation from hardwood flooring and air movers that can force moisture from affected materials like drywall and other porous surfaces.

We can double check the quality of the extraction and drying efforts with the use of our moisture detection equipment. Thermal imagery cameras can offer temperature cues to indicate the presence of water and moisture pockets even below or behind surfaces to show our technicians where to continue to focus our efforts to ensure that the moisture levels drop to acceptable parameters.

We're Faster To Any Size Disaster; our SERVPRO of North Sacramento rapid response team can make a difference quickly in your water-damaged arena. Trust us to get the job done quickly to limit the effect that this situation has on future events and ticketholders. Contact us 24/7  at (916) 587-3438.

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Did You Know That a Fire in Your Sacramento Home Creates Different Types of Smoke Damage?

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Did You Know That a Fire in Your Sacramento Home Creates Different Types of Smoke Damage? Look at the smoke damage on the ceiling, walls and floors. SERVPRO was able to restore this room to its pre-fire condition

Types of Smoke Damage That Affect Your Sacramento Home

Most Sacramento homeowners could not tell you what smoke damage can do to their homes, let alone what differences exist between various types of smoke after a fire. Our highly-trained technicians have the expertise and the education to quickly access your property following a fire to make determinations such as the type of smoke damage to ensure the appropriate equipment is brought on site to restore the home quickly.

Understanding the difference between smoke types when you experience fire damage in your Sacramento home does not get the situation resolved any faster, but it can help to narrow the field for those experienced enough in restoration efforts to make a significant difference fast. Our technicians have extensive training show them the difference between the residues and causes of dry and wet smoke damages within your home, and what methods are the most effective for restoring these areas to get you back in your property quickly.

Wet smoke damage results from a fire that burned at a lower temperature, causing more of a smolder than a rapidly spreading blaze. These types of fires produce considerable smoke, which can seep into fabrics, furniture, and other areas not directly impacted by the spread of the fire itself. Our SERVPRO technicians have premier cleaning strategies to remove the thick coating and sour odor left behind by wet smoke.

Dry smoke is often the opposite, with its cause coming from rapidly spreading fires burning at very high heat. The spread of this situation produces a thinner smoke and a powdery residue. While much of the unaffected surfaces can get cleaned with traditional solvents and detergents, these types of fires often require our SERVPRO professionals to utilize controlled demolition techniques to prepare the area for reconstruction.

While understanding the types of smoke that could affect your home does not impact what occurs when a fire develops, it can help you to appreciate that not all fire restoration teams are the same. With our advanced equipment and highly-trained technicians, our SERVPRO of North Sacramento rapid response team can clean up the mess fast. Call us today at (916) 587-3438.

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How SERVPRO Removes Water from Your Sacramento Home

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How SERVPRO Removes Water from Your Sacramento Home A broken water pipe caused a big headache for this homeowner. SERVPRO was able to remove the water and restore the home.

Call The Professionals For Innovative Water Removal Equipment And Strategies In Sacramento

When water intrudes into your Sacramento home, waste no time before engaging the services of a professional water damage restoration company. Remediating water scenarios requires assessment and planning, including detection of the source of the water and following where the water migrates inside a property. Allowing even a small amount of water to remain exposes spaces to progressive deterioration and secondary damage like mold growth.

Water removal in your Sacramento home cannot be considered complete until IICRC trained technicians are confident no excess moisture remains. We employ the best industry practices during each water removal project accepted. Water moves from wet to dry areas, seeping through cracks and porous materials. Our crew members master the operation of moisture measuring equipment and techniques. We use the data to establish baseline wetness levels at the commencement of a job and then monitor the moisture reduction as water removal and structural drying progress.

SERVPRO team members use infrared scanners to locate water built up and hiding in wall, ceiling, and foundation cavities. Handling a water removal challenged without the specialized detection tools we use risks failure of our pledge to remove the water harming the structure and contents of your home. Once we find the water trapped behind building materials, our crews use a wide range of methods to release and extract it.

Depending on where the water lies, SERVPRO crews choose from a number of strategies. We might select drilling holes in masonry joints or baseboards, using extension wands on extractors, and even removing sections of walls by making flood cuts to access and remove the water. Opening up flooded cavity areas also permits us to follow the removal of standing water with drying protocols that reduce high humidity and moisture content structural components to normal readings.

Trying to remove water from a plumbing leak, storm, appliance malfunction, or any other emergency without the help of the SERVPRO team dramatically complicates the situation. You count on us to have the highly qualified employees and efficient and effective equipment to make a water loss “Like it never even happened.” Resolving a water removal crisis requires our professionalism and innovative tools and techniques. SERVPRO of North Sacramento is ready to remove water inside your home from any source quickly and completely. Call us at (916) 587-3438 to schedule a timely assessment and fast implementation of a plan that works. 

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If A Flood Has Destroyed Your Sacramento Home, You Need The Team At SERVPRO!

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage If A Flood Has Destroyed Your Sacramento Home, You Need The Team At SERVPRO! We can make any situations, “Like it never even happened.”

Enlist The Right Company And Face Flood Damage In Your Sacramento Home Head-On

If you find yourself facing flooding in a specific area of your Sacramento home or if your entire property becomes submerged in water, you need help. Homeowners should avoid taking flood damage repairs on alone, whenever possible. Avoid putting yourself in danger, contact a reputable, certified, flood damage specialist and enlist their help, today.

You need access to a trained professional, someone whose primary objective is to remove water from your flood damaged Sacramento home. The right company can help limit flood damage to your home’s contents, reduce the chances of secondary damages forming and maintain the structural integrity of your home. All while keeping the costs of your restoration down and communicating clearly with your insurance company.

Our SERVPRO team handles flood damage throughout the area and are prepared to address any scenario you might face. Regardless of the existing condition of your home, we can provide you with qualified technicians who train in a broad range of skills and have years of experience. With access to advanced equipment, IICRC-technical training, and limitless resources, there is no situation we cannot handle.

SERVPRO technicians help you navigate the dangers and inherent risks associated with flooding in your home. By providing a full assessment of your property, we can locate problems hidden from plain sight and give you quality recommendations to help limit your losses. It is entirely natural to assume that your home just needs time to dry after a flood. However, water continues to damage the natural elements used to construct your home, and it grows progressively worse the longer you take to address the problems that exist.

SERVPRO’s flood damage restoration team prevents dry rot, where flood waters weaken the framing and structural integrity of your home. With the proper drying methods, we can help prevent cracking in the walls, ceiling, and floorboards throughout your home. Sometimes, flood waters can lead to shrinkage or expansion that causes windows and entryways to lock down, unable to open or close.

Give those of us at SERVPRO of North Sacramento the opportunity to provide you with quality flood damage cleanup and restoration services you deserve. We can make any situations, “Like it never even happened.” Turning your house back into a home is our business. Call today (916) 587-3438!

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