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Don’t Let Water Cause Long-Term Sheetrock Damage To Your Sacramento Home

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Don’t Let Water Cause Long-Term Sheetrock Damage To Your Sacramento Home Call SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438 for fast water removal from your home.

Water Removal In Sacramento Uncovers Long-Term Sheetrock Damage

The thing about water damage in a home is often there are two main types of water: visible and invisible. The visible is easily cleaned up, and the surfaces appear dry. The unseen water is moisture that migrates to areas behind baseboards, under flooring, wicked into drywall and in floor joists. All of these scenarios have the potential to bring issues such as mold, foul odors, and damage to building materials.

Our SERVPRO location received a call in the early morning hours for water removal from a Sacramento home. A supply line in an upstairs bathroom broke during the night, and the only thing that saved the situation from being worse was the family dog barking at the water pooling in the bathroom floor.

Why SERVPRO? No matter if the problem is a single room or whole house that needs cleanup from a water loss situation, we have the training and equipment to mitigate any size home disaster.
The homeowner placed towels in the floor to help absorb some of the water per our instructions, and when our technicians arrived a short time later, they began scoping the bathroom to determine where the water is located.

Using both probes and thermal imaging, we determined the floor joists were unaffected, and the concentration of water damage was around the supply line in the bathroom vanity. The state of the sheetrock told the story of a long-term undetected leak. We did a controlled demolition of the warped sheetrock so the interior of the wall cavity could be dried. We noted no signs of mold growth despite the evidence of prolonged moisture in the area.

Air movers and dehumidifiers dried the vanity area, and then our technicians cleaned and disinfected the affected areas. After confirming the wall cavity had no residual moisture, we suggested necessary repairs to fully restore the bathroom to its preloss condition and offered our Building Services.

Call SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438 for fast water removal from your home. Our team of certified technicians can be onsite within hours of your initial call and make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Why Professional Flood Remediation is Necessary in Sacramento

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Why Professional Flood Remediation is Necessary in Sacramento SERVPRO of North Sacramento has the equipment to dry your water damaged home.

Use Flood Damage Mitigation Services in Sacramento to Protect Your Property

Flooding poses a significant threat to homeowners even if levees and dams protect their city. Although the dams and levees offer excellent protection, they can still fail, causing nearby homes to sustain flood damage. Flooding may also occur because of drainage problems after heavy rains.  

If your home has flooded, you need to resolve the problem as fast as possible. You can work with a company that provides flood damage mitigation services in Sacramento to restore your property to its pre-water damage condition. One such company is SERVPRO, and our competent flood damage remediation experts are available on a 24-hour basis, any day of the week. No job is too big or too small for us, and we protect what matters most.  

You can expose yourself and your family to a significant danger if you do not handle water damage promptly. Harmful microbes like mold can grow on damp floors, walls, ceilings, and other affected areas. Our technicians have the training and expertise required to prevent further damage, remove the existing water or moisture and repair or replace affected building materials to get your home back into its preloss condition.  

Here at SERVPRO, we have sufficient equipment that helps us complete the drying process correctly. We can dry everything that flood water has damaged to prevent the problems that moisture can cause. We use extraction equipment like portable or truck mounted pumps to remove water from floors. We also use air movers to improve evaporation at the surface level, which helps make a home dry faster. We can then use desiccant humidifiers to eliminate moisture from the air.  

If your home has hardwood flooring, our technicians can dry it effectively to prevent warping, cupping, or buckling from becoming permanent. Our technicians, certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), follow a set of procedures and standards to ensure that all the affected structures are dry. We seek to restore structures since it is more cost-effective than replacing them. However, if the damage is severe, we can remove damaged building materials like drywall, flooring or tiles and replace them.  

When in need of flood damage mitigation services, SERVPRO of North Sacramento is ready to assist you. We can respond quickly and mitigate your loss. Contact us now at (916) 587-3438 to get the help you need.

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Trust SERVPRO With Your Sacramento Flood Damage Restoration

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Trust SERVPRO With Your Sacramento Flood Damage Restoration After a storm has brought flood waters into your home you can trust us to be there as quickly as possible.We are available 24/7 so call us right away.

Flood Damage Cleanup for Your Sacramento Home

Out of all natural, weather-related disasters, floods are both the most common, and the costliest in the U.S., and Sacramento is no exception. Every community needs to be at least aware of the dangers of floods and be prepared for them since you never know when flooding can occur. There are also dangers of floods which do not go away once the water levels stop rising.

When your home in Sacramento has experienced flooding, you can find help when you reach out to us at SERVPRO. We are a professional remediation company, and we have the experience and training you would expect when you go to someone for help cleaning up the mess left behind from floodwaters.

One thing to be cautious of after flooding in your home is damaged appliances. Water could have damaged natural gas or propane and electrical power. Contact the proper authorities to help you determine when it is safe to turn the utilities back on.

Upon entering a flood-damaged structure, SERVPRO techs must first eliminate any safety hazards. We also ensure we wear the appropriate PPE, including full-body suits, boots, respirators, and rubber gloves. An EPA-registered disinfectant is sprayed directly on the areas affected. We may need to contain the affected areas as well if the contaminants can spread to areas unaffected.

If needed, we remove standing debris and silt, using rakes and shovels. The excess water is removed from carpeting and other kinds of flooring using extractors. We can then evaluate if your structure and belongings can be decontaminated and restored or if things much are removed and replaced. It highly depends on the porosity of the materials, the kind of contamination, and on pretest results. We keep in touch with you throughout the process so you can follow what is going on.

Minimize your contact with floodwater and evacuate your home. The water may be contaminated with sewage or other hazardous substances such as chemicals. Let us handle all of the flood damage cleanups instead, and we can have your home clean and safe again for you and your family.

SERVPRO of North Sacramento wants to assist you in restoring your home in Gardenland, River Gardens, or South Natomas after floodwaters have intruded. Situations like this need to be handled quickly to avoid additional damage, so do not hesitate to call us at (916) 587-3438.

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Sacramento Smoke and Soot Cleanup--Done Right by SERVPRO

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Sacramento Smoke and Soot Cleanup--Done Right by SERVPRO The SERVPRO Green Vehicle-We're Faster To Any Size Disaster for Fire Damage Cleanup in Sacramento

Fire Damage Restoration Professionals in Sacramento Describe How Smoke Issues Are Treated

If a fire breaks out in another building other than yours inside your Sacramento office complex, your unit could still get negatively affected. Problems that happen in units above, below, or next to yours can cause commercial fire damage inside your place of business. Smoke from fires in other parts of your building can get to your office by going through walls or entering through heating and ventilation systems. Any time smoke enters a structure, foul odors, and soot residues can cause problems with materials and contents. During many commercial fire damage scenarios, soot cleaning and removal is a part of what our SERVPRO professionals can do to help save the structural components and contents inside your office.
As soon as you notice smoke entering your office unit from one adjacent to it, you should call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. The first step we take when arriving at any fire damage situation in Sacramento is to figure out which of your building materials and contents we can clean and which items we have to remove and replace. We accomplish this with a test cleaning kit. Included in this kit is a large variety of chemicals that are designed to clean off different types of soot residues from the various surfaces inside your structure. We also utilize different techniques so we know whether we can clean a surface or not and what combination of chemicals and methods to use.
Once we figure out the best techniques to use on each of your affected surfaces and give you an initial estimate, we begin treating any damage that we found during the original inspection. After all of your building materials and contents get cleaned we work towards deodorizing your office. To remove burnt smells, we can implement fogging machines that disperse chemicals into the air to mimic smoke or a hydroxyl generator that chemically neutralizes foul aromas.
If you ever see or smell smoke in your office, call SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438, 24 hours a day.

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Are You Struggling With Water Damage in Your Sacramento Home? Let's Chat

4/7/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Are You Struggling With Water Damage in Your Sacramento Home? Let's Chat When water damage affects the home, you need to take definitive action - contact SERVPRO. Our technicians will make it "like it never even happened."

Steps that Help Expedite Water Removal in Sacramento

Any case of water intrusion into your property whether from burst water pipes or driving rain require fast action. Removing the water faster helps prevent secondary problems such as mold development, bad odors and staining from rust or bleeding dyes in non-colorfast fabrics. Hiring a professional restoration company is a great step to help expedite water removal from your Sacramento property because they are skilled and have a variety of equipment to handle the process.

The time taken to complete the process of water removal in Sacramento depends on the amount of water in the property. More water requires extra resources or time for removal. Our SERVPRO technicians overcome this challenge by using high capacity equipment. We use submersible pumps for water over two inches deep and truck-mounted water extractors to expedite the process.

The contents in the house can hinder the removal processes. Contents like carpets absorb lots of water while couches and other furniture items can limit access for the water extraction team and equipment. Our SERVPRO technicians remove carpet allowing smooth extraction of water from the pad and floor. We also move furniture items from the affected areas to other sections of the house to offsite storage facilities to ease the process of water removal.

Even after removing all standing water, lots of moisture remains soaked in contents, building materials, and concealed spaces. Removing such moisture fast requires unique approaches. Our SERVPRO technicians create vent holes to reach water trapped in wall cavities. We also position air movers to deliver rapid airflow over wet areas and dehumidifiers to deliver warm air. Heat improves the capacity of air to hold water thus improving the drying rate. We rely on IICRC recommendations to determine the number of air movers and dehumidifiers for balanced drying.

For faster removal of water in your North Natomas, South Natomas, and Sacramento Airport homes, call SERVPRO of North Sacramento to help. You can reach us at (916) 587-3438 any time.

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Why a Fast Reaction Time is Important to Mitigating Water Damage in Sacramento

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why a Fast Reaction Time is Important to Mitigating Water Damage in Sacramento We have the equipment to handle any size water loss event.

The Right Extraction Tools to Aid Your Sacramento Home

When water loss incidents affect your Sacramento home, you only have a small window of time before absorption and saturation from the exposed materials becomes too considerable to salvage with conventional restoration approaches. While our professionals fixate on protecting original construction materials whenever possible, this is not always the most cost-effective or efficient approach. With an immediate response to the emergency, we have a much higher success rate in preserving these saturated elements.

While we have a comprehensive approach to restoration from water extraction to full-scale reconstruction for Sacramento homes, the severity of the water damage often depends on the reaction time of the homeowner. With water loss incidents that can leave standing water throughout areas of your home, you have to react quickly to shut off the main supply of water to your home to prevent further damage and reach out to qualified IICRC-certified technicians like our SERVPRO team.

As a skilled recovery team, our technicians arrive with a production truck full of both extraction and drying equipment to mitigate water damage and loss as promptly as possible. Extraction is vital to begin right away as continued exposure of already saturated elements can begin to warp and distort materials, rendering them unable to get protected and preserved with our effective restoration approaches. Distorted flooring, drywall, or ceiling material must get removed and replaced in the reconstruction phase.

Our SERVPRO team can also work to protect exposed elements with effective drying efforts that begin with high-velocity air movers and either LGR or desiccant dehumidifiers. We also have specialized equipment for specific damages such as the injecti-dry system and drying mats to dry out damaged flooring and inaccessible areas. We have several drying units available on our production trucks, allowing us to dry out the entirety of the damaged areas, working to reduce overall moisture content as quickly as possible.

Not only can efficient extraction and drying protect the construction materials of your home, but it can reduce the possibility of secondary effects like mold growth from taking root. If you want to make water damage “Like it never even happened,” give our SERVPRO of North Sacramento rapid response team a call today at (916) 587-3438.

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Contact SERVPRO after Water Damage in your Sacramento Home

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Contact SERVPRO after Water Damage in your Sacramento Home SERVPRO helped this homeowner to remove the water damage in their home.

Residential Water Damage in Sacramento

This Sacramento homeowner experienced significant water damage to his property. Our crew at SERVPRO of North Sacramento was called to assist with the water remediation.

Water damage in your Sacramento home describes a large number of possible losses caused by water intruding where it can enable attack of a material or system by destructive processes such as rotting of wood, growth, rusting of steel, de-laminating of materials such as plywood, and many others.

Our crew at SERVPRO of North Sacramento is highly trained and competent. We are IICRC firm.

If you experience water damage? Let the professionals at SERVPRO of North Sacramento restore your home or business. Our mission is to exceed our customer’s highest expectations with quality and service while minimizing the stress and inconvenience caused by water.

Our continual desire to provide our customer with the most respectful and trained employee’s, we invest in our employee’s education. In addition to highly trained employees, each of our employees undergoes a background check and drug testing.

SERVPRO of North Sacramento Team is Ready to Respond – 24/7. Please feel free to contact us at (916) 587-3438 if you experience water damage to your residential or commercial property in Sacramento.

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Don't Let a Fire Ruin Your Sacramento Business

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Don't Let a Fire Ruin Your Sacramento Business SERVPRO can easily get rid of smoke residue and odor in your business.

Efficient Fire Odor Elimination for Your Sacramento Business

Smells are the fastest way to remind someone of an event or a place. As long as the aromas are pleasant, the memories are welcome. The acrid smell of a fire in your Sacramento business is not a remembrance to treasure. Even if our restoration technicians do their best to clean up fire residues, a smoky odor brings back the terror and the frustration of the fire that nearly closed your doors for good.

Restoration of a business in Sacramento is incomplete if fire odors linger. Employees might be triggered with flashbacks about the blaze and clients can lose confidence in your management abilities if the disaster appears partially unresolved. Inventory, documents, and other items stored on-site can carry the smell far from your headquarters, troubling to loyal customers as well as potential leads.

SERVPRO’s deodorization specialists use a broad range of strategies to eliminate the odors remaining after other fire cleanup completes. Cover-ups with distracting scents are not permanent solutions. We work through an odor-elimination protocol to get rid of the stench for all time.

All burned items must be located and removed, including searching in hidden cavities. Thorough cleaning of surfaces is then checked off, with consideration of sealing some areas to prevent the volatile compounds from vaporizing and increasing the smell. This is often an option when areas in a commercial HVAC system contain sooty residues that the airflow could move throughout your business space. On occasion, enzymatic products can help as well.

SERVPRO deodorization technicians then choose from among advanced techniques to eliminate the ability tiny airborne and settled particulates to share the smell. We might recreate the conditions of the blaze with thermal foggers, equipment that combusts deodorants at high temperatures to seek out smelly particles and neutralize them. Our experts also use ozone machines and hydroxyl generators to change the chemical composition of the remaining sooty bits, rendering them non-offensive to the nose.

If your business suffered from soot and fire, persistent odors are often not far behind. Contact SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438 for our industry-leading deodorization services.

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Do You Need Special Equipment for Water Removal in Sacramento?

3/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Do You Need Special Equipment for Water Removal in Sacramento? SERVPRO of North Sacramento is equipped to handle any size water removal job.

Complete Water Removal Needs Special Equipment in Sacramento

One of the reasons homeowners in Sacramento need professional assistance after significant water loss is because moisture migrates and hides in normally inaccessible areas. Water flows across floors and down walls, seeping into cracks and crevices. When the water is no longer seen with the naked eye, a homeowner should not rest easy. Moisture trapped in, below, and behind building materials is both common and a serious problem. We can help. 

Water removal in Sacramento might start with pumps and wanded extractors, but it does not end there. Once the majority of standing water exits, our technicians use a broad range of technologically advanced devices to detect hidden water reserves in cavities and beneath surfaces. We also determine the level of moisture infiltration in porous building materials like drywall, framing, woodwork, and ceiling tiles to help us complete the project with efficient applied structural drying.

Hardwood floors pose a water removal challenge in which SERVPRO crews train and have the experience to tackle. Water flows between the planks, saturating the subfloor. The moisture is also absorbed by the hardwood to varying degrees and becomes an issue if delaying of proven water removal methods occurs. Warping, buckling, cupping, and crowning are words with which you become familiar if your hardwood floors are saturated, each describing a way wood can disfigure when water-soaked.

Our SERVPRO crews deliver efficient water removal results using negative pressure extraction systems. Mats lie flat on the wet floor, connected to the system with hoses that suction water from all layers. This process avoids resaturation of the visible hardwood which causes damage from swelling that occurs as wood fibers absorb water. 

The same negative pressure technology pulls out moisture hidden behind and above other structural elements. SERVPRO also considers making flood cuts when we need access spaces behind walls. Our technicians remove sections of drywall near the floor, allowing heated air movers to expedite the transfer of moisture from building materials to airborne vapor our evaporative or desiccant dehumidifiers. 

SERVPRO of North Sacramento locates and eliminates the hidden water that migrates after a plumbing, storm, or other disasters. Call us at (916) 587-3438 to schedule an assessment.

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Why Our Experts Are The Best At Handling Flood Damage Restoration In Sacremento

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why Our Experts Are The Best At Handling Flood Damage Restoration In Sacremento We offer packets to store your belongings while we restore your home. We act quick, have the right equipment and are at your service 24/7.

Why SERVPRO? For Professional Flood Damage Restoration In Sacramento Homes

We are already ahead this year for rain in Sacramento, and the flooded roads, businesses, and homes on the news show us how bad it is every night. The forecast is not exactly dry either.

Flood damage to Sacramento homes in this situation takes far more than just moving furniture off the floor and setting up fans to dry the interior. SERVPRO response teams train to quickly inspect and remove not restorable structural property, dry and clean floors, and thoroughly dry the interior so it safe and comfortable for occupation once more.

Damage in this situation results from outside storm water which contains debris, soil, and other contaminants. Before and after removing the water, our technicians spray every surface and item touched by the flood water with an antibacterial agent to eliminate the immediate health threat.

As they clear each room, team members examine the building material for damage. While drywall is excellent for interior walls, it can quickly begin to dissolve and crumble after it absorbs too much water. If panels already show these signs, SERVPRO technicians remove them since each is cheaper to replace than to expend the labor hours trying to cut away affected sections and replace or patch them.

Carpets are not restorable to a 100 percent clean condition after a flood. We remove and dispose of them immediately, especially to prevent further damage to wood flooring underneath them. Technicians use another antibacterial cleaner to scrub contaminants from wood flooring and to clean concrete surfaces as well.

As team members complete these tasks, others lower the humidity inside the home. They use fans to pull damp air from inside each home, and air movers to replace the damp air with a warm, dry alternative. To speed up the natural evaporation process, technicians also install dehumidifiers to draw water from the air; each one can remove over 20 gallons of water every 24 hours, depending on the humidity level.

If your home flooded or is still underwater, call us here at SERVPRO of North Sacramento. Our goal for every resident is to dry, clean, and restore their homes to a safe condition. To schedule an inspection, contact our office at (916) 587-3438 today.

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