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Winning Tactics for Sacramento Water Damage Remediation

1/19/2020 (Permalink)

leaking water heater Water heaters and other appliances can dump a large amount of water when they fail. Contact SERVPRO for efficient water removal services.

A Robust Range of Water Removal Strategies: Why SERVPRO Rises to the Top of Restoration Options in Sacramento

The quantity of water a broken water heater or washing machine sends into your Sacramento home can be substantial. Household appliances continue to obtain water from the supply lines if a pump or hose breaks or the tank or drum leaks. If the malfunction happens overnight or while you and your family are away at work or school, hundreds of gallons can infiltrate your home. We have experience ridding residences of significant amounts of water, why our team is a preferred community resource.

Risks of Hidden Water

One of the issues faced by professional Sacramento water removal specialists is how to access fluids from a water loss that migrated into building cavities. Leaving the water to drain slowly or eventually evaporate is not an option. Lingering moisture progressively deteriorates building structures and can result in vigorous microbial growth and damage. We are familiar with these threats to your home’s integrity and safety, and this knowledge is why we explore every option to get the water out of every affected space in your home.

Dual Purpose of Controlled Demolition

As water moves from the laundry or utility room into spaces behind walls and above ceilings, building materials wick up moisture. Wet, porous materials quickly become unsalvageable, swelling, and warping. Using careful demolition techniques permit two desired outcomes:

  • Ruined building materials are excised, reducing odors, microbial growth, and the tell-tale distortion of water damage.
  • Removing sections of drywall allows access to the pooled up water and improves airflow and ventilation for more efficient drying.

Methods and Tools Used

Although demolition might appear to be a radical move, it is considered a best practice, why SERVPRO employees learn how to complete it appropriately during the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training. Our technicians mark the wall 24½ or 48½ inches up, ensuring we make flood cuts above the waterline. Stud finders assist us as we plan the cuts. We choose from among our inventory of tools, relying on our training and experience to select the proper option: 

  • Razor knife
  • Drywall saw, or keyhole saw
  • Rotary saw
  • Kett saw
  • Reciprocating saw

When using the power tools, our technicians adjust the cutting depth of saw blades or bits, so they do not penetrate past the drywall. Safety and avoidance of further damage to plumbing, utility lines, or other components is the goal.

The crew we send is highly-qualified in water damage solutions, why SERVPRO of North Sacramento can answer any queries you have about our water removal strategies. Call (916) 587-3438 to schedule an assessment immediately.

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How SERVPRO Removes Water in Sacramento Businesses

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

Standing water on floor of office building When the owners of this office called, we removed the water then dried the building. Our goal is to restore your business quickly.

Commercial Water Removal in Your Sacramento Business 

A pipe bursting in the bathroom of your retail shop can have a significant impact on your business. If the pipe burst outside regular business hours, it may be some time before you become aware of the issue. Once aware, it is crucial to work immediately to mitigate as much damage as possible. 

Our SERVPRO team moves quickly toward successful commercial water removal in Sacramento. While you are waiting for professional assistance, you should ensure the water main is off to stop more water flowing from the pipes and begin drying the impacted areas by mopping tile floors and using towels to sop up any excess moisture. Mopping is especially essential to ensure that your business does not suffer any secondary damage, such as loose floor tiles or hazardous mold infestations. 

We understand that any time your business is out of operation is money lost. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Our project manager or crew chief first assesses the damage to the structure, materials, and merchandise within your store. Then, they develop a plan for fast and effective removal of excess moisture from within the establishment. 

SERVPRO restoration technicians remove the merchandise from impacted areas, to ensure that excess moisture and humidity do not damage items that sustained no initial damage. These undamaged items should be kept in a safe, dry place. Damaged items should be inventoried with details for insurance purposes before removal. 

The water damaged areas should be thoroughly dried, and the relative humidity (RH) of the room restored to restore the commercial space to preloss conditions. Technicians use extraction equipment to take the remaining water out of the space. Typically, portable extractors can remove water after a pipe bursting. Technicians may make several passes for optimal extraction. 

We place high-velocity air movers and industrial-strength dehumidifiers throughout the impacted area. These tools pull excess moisture from the materials, contents, and air within the room. The dehumidifying process stops when RH levels are under 60 percent, and the contents are dry. We make it, "Like it never even happened." 

Contact SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438. 

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Why SERVPRO is Your First Choice for Flood Damage Restoration in Sacramento

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment drying water damaged room Don't stress over flood damage, Call SERVPRO!

Understand Why SERVPRO is the Answer for Flood Damage Restoration In Sacramento 

Any homeowner must be diligent when faced with flood damage, which is where restoration professionals come in handy. After the storm and flood-threat have passed, returning to your property can be a tedious process without the assistance of a trained team. 

We follow specific steps following flood damage in your Sacramento home. Our team at SERVPRO helps you work through these steps to ensure that the cleanup and restoration process flows smoothly. We always encourage homeowners and business owners alike to contact us directly after returning to your property after a flood loss event. Our team can get to work immediately, taking photographic evidence of the damage and assessing the situation to get the cleanup underway. The longer the exposure that construction materials have to water and moisture from the flood, the more deterioration and decay take place.

With our initial assessment, SERVPRO gathers the information that helps your insurance company approve your damage claim in a timely fashion. 


Our technicians at SERVPRO go through extensive training to understand all the best methods for both commercial and property flood damage cleanup and disaster restoration. We work to save you from costly replacements and potential dangers and health hazards that floodwater poses by using proprietary methods and all of the latest tools, products, and technology. 

Restoration After Flood Damage 

Water wicks quickly throughout sheetrock, so repairing and removing damaged walls is elemental. SERVPRO puts a plan of action in place to help with any necessary repairs to help restore the flood water loss portions of your home or commercial space to the preloss condition. You must wait to re-enter your property once it is safe to do so. There could be many threats to structural elements or from contamination that came inside with the floodwaters. Our technicians ensure that your property is safe before re-entry so that you can have added peace of mind. 

No matter the type of flood damage you are faced with, our team at SERVPRO of North Sacramento is here to help. Once you contact us, we can deploy a team of trained technicians as soon as possible to get to work with the assessment and restoration process. Give us a call today at (916) 587-3438. 

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Professional Tips for Reducing Damage From Water Leaks in Sacramento

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage on ceiling. Part of ceiling removed to expose studs for drying. A leak in the office above caused water damage below. We removed the damaged materials to complete drying and restore the building..

Quick Action Reduces Damage from Water Leaks in Sacramento

Water leaks in apartment buildings present unique issues. There is always a concern about damage to the contents of the unit, as well as the unit below. There is also worry about the impact on other apartments below the affected unit as well. Sometimes the first sign of a leak is water dripping from the ceiling of the apartment below where the original leak occurred.

SERVPRO can help with water removal from a leak in Sacramento in your apartment as well as other apartments in the building. The most crucial step is always arranging to stop the leak. Contain the spread of water within your apartment and units below. Turn off the main water supply or shut off the offending water faucet when there is an overflow.

Apartment buildings are a significant concern for many owners when considering water leaks. A leaking pipe can quickly cause damage to the apartment where the leak is as well as the one below. A slow leak may occur for some time before being noticed. Water may soak the area immediately below the leak, potentially causing structural damage as well as providing an excellent location for the growth of mold.

Use towels to soak up liquid water as much as possible. If a great deal of water has leaked, you may also want to contact the landlord or warn your neighbor below. The owner of the building or the superintendent may need to be involved, especially if SERVPRO is needed on-site to remove water and moisture.

SERVPRO can bring water removal equipment on site as well as air movers and dehumidifiers. We also utilize moisture sensors to locate pockets of moisture. If these areas are not dried, the moisture could be the source of mold growth later, which can cause odors and health issues for some people.

Call SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve South Natomas, Sleep Train Arena, American River Parkway, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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The Real Truth Behind Flood Damage Remediation Success in Sacramento

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

flood damaged living room Don't let the stress of flooding and flood damage get to you! Contact our experienced technicians for water removal and remediation services.

Why SERVPRO Uses Extraction Equipment when Mitigating Flood Damaged Homes in Sacramento

After a flood happens, getting houses and businesses restored to safe and stable condition takes time. The amount of time it takes to recover after a disaster prolongs the stress experienced by everyone in the affected area. Extracting any remaining water trapped inside your residence before we begin drying out your property is 1200 times more effective than just removing water vapor from the air.

This considerable boost is why SERVPRO uses powerful extraction equipment to start working on mitigating and restoring homes in Sacramento experiencing flood damage. We want to reduce your costs, make the process as fast as possible, and restore, instead of replace, as much of your property as possible. The extraction of standing water helps us achieve all of these goals.

Our extraction equipment comes in many sizes. This lets us adapt to any structural components that might keep floodwater trapped in areas. We can swiftly and easily remove water from more than just visible, open spaces of your home.

Injecti-Dry units let us pull water out from under wooden flooring, when we use the mats, or from below cabinetry flooring, with only the extraction tube. Instead of needing to remove all of the uppermost part of the floor, we only need to remove one or two boards. When we find trapped water, we only need to drill a tiny hole to feed the tubing through and into the cavity.

We also use units that look like regular vacuum cleaners, except they're designed to remove water. These wands move across the floor easily and pull up water from small spaces like bathrooms and closets. For larger areas, we can use a Rover extraction unit. This type works with the weight of a technician who rides while standing, extracting any water below the machine.

After extracting, we can begin drying out your house and its contents. Some of these items do require we throw them away, as they can pose significant health risks. We provide you with a complete inventory of these items, and this can help with insurance claims and replacing them, as well.

SERVPRO of North Sacramento's goal is always to help you recover as quickly as possible, with as little stress and worry. Call (916) 587-3438 for help in recovering after flood damage that affects your Natomas or Gardenland residence.

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The Pros and Cons of New Construction on Mold Growth after Flooding in Sacramento Businesses

11/25/2019 (Permalink)

drying equipment in a break room SERVPRO Deploys Advanced Equipment in Sacramento to Mitigate Flood Damage and Mold Infestations

Commercial Flood Damage Sacramento – Avoiding Mold in Air Tight BuildingS

Flash floods sometimes materialize in seconds, making it challenging to prepare and protect your business contents. Everything is wet, and debris has washed into the office area. Newer office buildings are designed to be airtight to reduce the cooling and heating requirements. With little fresh air coming into the building, mold can proliferate, especially after a severe flood.

Our SERVPRO crew chief is usually first on the scene at every commercial flood damage event in Sacramento. One of their first tasks is to assess the damage, debris in the building, safety concerns, contamination, type of building, and whether the building air exchange system is still operating. The crew chief or the project manager develops a plan to mitigate the damage, arranges for the appropriate equipment and staff to respond, clean, dry, and restore your business.

Managing Fresh Air

Air Tight buildings rely upon air exchange systems to bring fresh air into the building and expel stale, humid air. Depending on local conditions, especially after a storm, the outside air can be very humid. In these situations, the air exchange system may bring in the humid air while SERVPRO is attempting to dry the interior of the building after it has been cleaned. Technicians may recommend turning the air exchange system off or establish negative pressure areas to manage the humidity.

Mold can proliferate in these conditions. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC-certified and trained in mold remediation and prevention. With the assistance of the buildings AC system, dehumidifiers, and internally placed SERVPRO air movers, we focus on removing all areas of moisture. Moisture sensors are utilized to detect moisture pockets and dry these areas before mold can develop.

Occasionally SERVPRO may have to make flood cuts in the walls to access water or moisture pockets. Any of these sources of moisture may contribute to the growth of mold, especially in buildings that are designed to be airtight.

Our crew chief always communicates our plan to our clients, and the approach technicians plan to take to return your commercial space as quickly as possible.

Call SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve North Natomas, South Natomas, American River Parkway, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Team SERVPRO Arrives With Powerful Equipment When Mitigating Flood Damage in Sacramento

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

flooded bathroom with a large corner garden tub Regardless whether flood damage was caused by internal or external factors, Team SERVPRO is standing by to take your emergency call.

When Flood Damage Hits Your Sacramento Home!

Sacramento is in a unique geographic position for flooding, with three major rivers; the Sacramento, San Joaquin, and American and a labyrinth of waterways surrounding the California capital. This city is consistently rated first or second in the nation for the most likely to flood. When a major flood hits and your home incurs damage, you may wonder what steps you need to take to preserve as much of your home as possible. 

When flood damage impacts your Sacramento home, you need to spring into action to lessen the amount of damage quickly. After the floodwater recedes, contacting a professional for immediate help is often necessary. The professionals at SERVPRO understand that floods do not happen during regular business hours, so we are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

SERVPRO technicians arrive promptly to assess the damage and begin the task of drying, cleaning and restoring your home. While you wait, there are a few things you can do to assist in the process.

  1. Using gloves and old towels or rags blot to remove as much as the sludge left behind as possible. It may be contaminated, so exercise caution. Since flood water recedes, you should not have to worry too much about extracting too much water from your home. 
  2.  Remove items from the floor, wiping them down and moving them to an area of your residence that was not impacted by the flood. Ensure all valuables are relocated to safe, dry locations.
  3. Turn on the air conditioner in summer months to aid in lowering humidity levels in your home, exercising caution around electrical cords.

When the trained SERVPRO professionals arrive, they take over, assess the situation, come up with a customized plan for your unique situation, and spring into action to ensure the least possible damage to your home. Technicians extract any remaining excess water, perform a flood-cut if necessary, dry, and clean the impacted areas. We make it, "Like it never even happened." Depending upon the amount of flooding, the location within the structure, and weather conditions, the timeline for restoration can vary.

When flood damage hits, contact SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438. We are available to assist at all times for any disaster.

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Our Professionals Can Save Your Sacramento Hotel After A Fire

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Beautiful hotel room suite After a fire disrupts operations in your hotel, it helps to rely on professional mitigations and remediation experts.

Reliable Help When Your Sacramento Hotel Suffers Fire Damage

After a fire disrupts operations in your Sacramento lodgings and event center, it helps to rely on professional mitigations and remediation experts. The inclination of your managers and housekeeping crew might be to close for a short time to get things back to normal. Unfortunately, disappointed customers have other options, and the failure of your accommodations to honor reservations can cause the loss of business into the future. We can share strategies that can respond to the fire crisis while also permitting you to remain open for many of your operations.

Guest Negligence Can Cause Fire Risks
There is an endless number of ways human error results in fire damage in your Sacramento hotel. Your Sacramento hotel, unfortunately, can be the site for one of these accidents. If a guest falls asleep, cigarette in hand, or an iron used to smooth out an outfit is left on; a blaze can start. Smoke from a smoldering slow burn can spread to other rooms, and sprinkler systems, although necessary to quell the fire, can add to the mess by soaking everything.

Containment Strategies Can Minimize Effects
Because of the mandated and build-in safeguards, fires in your property can be knocked down quickly and limited in their direct effects. The problem with fire damage, however, is the tendency of smoke to drift far from the ignition site. The key to mitigating odor and residue migration is to have SERVPRO onsite as soon as possible. We use heavy plastic sheeting and negative pressure air scrubber technology to define the work area to the smallest space possible. Air scrubbers capture the airborne particles in HEPA filters and exhaust to the outdoors. The configuration also prevents further movement of the smoke and associated residues to other areas on your property so operations can continue.

Streamlined Approach and Comprehensive Results
SERVPRO is a full-service disaster recovery company. We can manage everything from fire-fighting water removal to air-quality remediation to efficient soot cleanup. Our production facility can clean, dry, and deodorize affected contents off-site, using a range of innovative resources and our dedicated Contents Processing Technicians (CPT). You can rely on our wide-ranging skills and hard-won certifications to clean up fire damage professionally while supporting the ongoing operation of the rest of your hotel.

Count on SERVPRO of North Sacramento to partner with you when fire damage threatens the overall operations of your business. We have research-proven strategies to share; set up your consultation by calling (916) 587-3438.

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We Discuss Tips for Performing Fire Cleanup in Your Sacramento Home

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fire line in front of a destroyed home Contact us anytime at (916) 587-3438 for prompt restoration of your property.

Tips for Performing Fire Cleanup in Your Sacramento Residence

Fire damage can cause several structural problems if you do not take care of it immediately. It can also make your home look unpleasant. Cleaning up after a fire is a complicated task. Apart from being emotionally challenging, it also presents some physical challenges and can be dangerous.

It can be daunting to get started with performing fire cleanup in your Sacramento residence. You may clean some parts of the house or contents on your own. However, remember that improper cleaning may cause permanent damage to your home. To ensure that your efforts are appropriate for restoring your home, you can do the following things:

    •    Air out your house to minimize the smoke scent.
    •    Clean laminated surfaces and porcelain, chrome, as well as aluminum fixtures to prevent permanent etching or tarnishing.
    •    Tape wet cheesecloth over the supply and return registers to capture loose soot that is in the air.
    •    If there is no electricity, remove foods from your refrigerator and let the doors remain open.
    •    Dispose of open food packages.
    •    Take clothes with substantial smoke residues and odor to a competent restoration dry cleaner.

It is necessary to use specific supplies and techniques to clean up your home safely and effectively. Our SERVPRO crew can help you in cleaning up your residence after any fire. One type of fire that affects homes is a protein fire. This happens when food on a stove or oven burns, leaving strong, burnt food odors and smoke on structures and contents of a house.

You may also be dealing with a complex fire. This occurs when natural and synthetic items in a home have burned, causing smoke residues to build upon surfaces. This fire also emits smoke odors. Our technicians can remove smoke residues from the affected surfaces to prevent corrosion.

We can pretest the surface to choose the ideal cleaning method. One method we can use to clean washable surfaces is abrasive cleaning. It involves agitating the surface we are cleaning. Our restorers use different strategies to abrade or agitate residues from a surface. For instance, we can apply cleaning products that contain abrasive ingredients onto the surface. Our SERVPRO team can also apply cleaning products with abrasive materials onto the surface. We can also use products like odor counteracting beads and sealants to deodorize your home.

If your North Natomas, South Natomas, or Sacramento Airport home has fire damage, SERVPRO of North Sacramento can help you in cleaning up the affected areas. Contact us anytime at (916) 587-3438 for prompt restoration of your property.

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Fast-Track Your Water Removal Process in Your Sacramento Apartment

10/19/2019 (Permalink)

 Overflowing bathroom sink Should your bathroom sink overflow give SERVPRO a call for water removal.

The Equipment That Aids In Professional Water Removal In Sacramento

Once the interior of your apartment in Sacramento gets wet from a plumbing failure, prompt action should be taken to reduce further damage as time goes on. A professional water removal company such as SERVPRO can help you fix your problems promptly as well as help reduce future issues that could take place. Restoring moisture-related matters can involve a few steps and industrially advanced equipment.

The first step to any water removal project in Sacramento our SERVPRO team takes is to extract any liquid H2O present. We know that it is much easier to remove moisture when it is still a liquid before it has had time to soak into your contents and building materials. Wet materials can also increase your indoor humidity levels, which can become a situation that also takes another step to mitigate. Restoration usually takes three main procedures, including extraction, air circulation, and dehumidification, all of which require the following different types of equipment.

  1. Extraction

Submersible Pumps- Trash pumps or sump pumps can be sufficient to suck up any deep, liquid puddles and put it into a sewage drain

Heavy-Duty Extraction- Truck-mounted extractors can be used to vacuum up water from your floors, carpet, and other fabric items.

  1. Air Circulation

Centrifugal Air Movers- These air movers can push far away from where they get placed, and they usually get set up so that the air coming from them flows in a counterclockwise direction and hits wet walls at a 45-degree angle.

Axial Air Movers- These tools can be used to push higher volumes of air at a lower pressure and can be useful when drying out large, open areas.

  1. Dehumidification

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers- Refrigerant units work by pulling moist air across chilled coils forcing the moisture to condense and get dispensed as a liquid.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers- Desiccant machines work by drawing damp air across a silica gel and then heating the gel to release the moisture. They then exhaust the hot, dry air out to be used in the air circulation created by the air movers.

Prompt structural drying is essential to the successful mitigation of moisture-related issues. When items get wet in your apartment in South Natomas, Sleep Train Area, River Gardens, or American River Parkway, it is wise to call SERVPRO of North Sacramento at (916) 587-3438. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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