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Why SERVPRO Is Trusted by Local Real Estate Agencies in Rancho Cordova

Our team got the call to prepare a house in Rancho Cordova to be put on the market. The agent said that the place was a former grow house, was neglected with a ... READ MORE

Business and Residential Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Sacramento

This Sacramento home suffered from a fire. Our SERVPRO technicians worked around the clock to remediate the damage so that a business or home could be restored ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Sacramento, CA

This garage was damaged by a fire in Sacramento, CA. Our SERVPRO fire and smoke damage technicians FST responded quickly and immediately started the fire clean ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Orangevale, CA

The bathroom in this Orangevale, CA home suffered some smoke damage caused by the ignition of a hair dryer by some lotions and creams. Fortunately, the harm, ex... READ MORE

Flooded Hospital in Sacramento. CA

When this Sacramento Hospital was victimized by serious water damage after a storm, management called SERVPRO of North Sacramento. We were able to help them and... READ MORE

Water damage in a Sacramento Ceiling

A water stain in the ceiling depicted in the Before Photo spelled trouble for the Sacrament homeowner. A break in the roof allowed the steady dripping of rainwa... READ MORE

Water Damage: Pipe Leak in Citrus Heights

This family’s Citrus Heights residence experienced severe water damage after a pipe leak. SERVPRO crews have the equipment, expertise, and the products to... READ MORE

Mold Damage in a Sacramento Home

The water dripped in this utility closet in a Sacramento home long enough to encourage mold growth and damage. It is indeed time to call in the SERVPRO AMRT app... READ MORE

Sacramento Mold Damage from Moisture

When parts of air handlers or water heaters in Sacramento homes breakdown, moisture is often the result. Dormant mold spores, present in every Sacramento proper... READ MORE

Commercial Building and Water Damage in Sacramento

The water supply for the fire suppressant system in this Sacramento commercial building sprung a leak during the night and flooded the floor surface. SERVPRO te... READ MORE